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risparmio ed ecosostenibilità superior

Savings and eco-sustainability

In our laboratories we constantly study new solutions to develop products that always guarantee higher efficiency and lower consumption.

Wood and pellets: cost-effective and environmentally sustainable fuels

Biomass constantly reproduces thanks to the combined action of solar energy, carbon dioxide, water and mineral salts dissolved in it, keeping the ecosystem in balance.

High energy efficiency, a flexible system to be switched on only when needed, use of renewable and carbon neutral resources. A modern system and a conscious use of our products allow you to heat up with wood while respecting the environment.

Our woods and forests are an important energy reservoir and wood energy can make a fundamental contribution to the national energy system. Today, the CO2 emissions of a pellet or wood-burning heating system are less than a tenth of those produced by diesel: for one Megawatt-hour of energy, diesel emits 326 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, while pellets emit only 29 kg.


Wood is a natural fuel that humans have always used for heat. The advantages of using wood are many:

  • environmental sustainability of the fuel
  • availability of wood
  • low cost
  • ease of use, because managing a stove is simple
  • safety, because a stove works even if there is no electricity

Pellet is produced from wood processing waste. Its advantages include:

  • low humidity: with the same weight as wood, it burns longer and produces more heat, optimizing consumption
  • ease of management and storage
  • programming of stove switching on and off
  • heat management, with the possibility to adjust the stove temperature and ventilation
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CO2 Neutral

When wood and pellets burn, they release the same amount of CO2 they have absorbed in their lifetime. Being part of the photosynthesis cycle, the CO2 released with combustion is the same as in the decomposition process, therefore it does not contribute to global warming unlike gas, oil and coal (fossil sources).

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Forest heritage

"The energy transition also passes through our forests, to be used with rationality and respect, according to the criteria of sustainable forest management and the principle of cascading use. This principle allows for the creation of employment and economic opportunities, reducing energy dependence from abroad, supporting the primary wood processing industry from which waste renewable woody biofuels are produced, and managing the territory in a more efficient and sustainable way. "

Our products

Pellet or wood stoves, inserts and boilers. An ample offer with a common feature: the sustainability of our products. Find the one that best suits your needs.

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