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Wood Stoves

Few objects are as fascinating as a wood stove.  A unique warmth and a desirable piece of furniture to which we combine a careful selection of materials and modern technology to ensure low consumption and high efficiency.

Technical details
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Superior mirta a legna


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Malika Superior


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Solid construction: Wood-burning stoves in cast iron

Superior is an important part of the history of Italian cast iron wood-burning stoves and continues its long tradition by improving its structure year after year. The extra thick steel and cast iron structure ensures great sturdiness and exceptional durability over time.

Our cast iron wood stoves are appreciated above all for the traditional cast iron door, which recalls the classic vintage wood stove, with a device that automatically blocks it when closed and a chromed handle with anti-burn spring or in steel with a nickel-plated finish.

Choosing Superior means choosing a wood-burning stove with high efficiency and extreme practicality.


Greater sustainability with our 5-star wood stoves


Our commitment to have increasingly sustainable wood-burning stoves is achieving significant results. The 5 Star Environmental Certification is the final goal for our products, all of which are already compliant with Ecodesign 2022.

The green soul of Superior is assured with the rapid heating guaranteed by our stoves, resulting in significant energy savings.  Another sustainable feature is the durability of our products: each wood stove is made to last a long time, which is why we provide original spare parts for many years.

Today, the 4-star wood-burning stove prevails in our range, but our objective of producing low-emission stoves sustains our commitment to increasing the range of 5-star wood-burning stoves.


Design solutions:  Modern or traditional wood stove? 


Superior wood-burning stoves include various aesthetic solutions to fit perfectly into any living and furnishing style. Depending on your preference, you can choose between modern wood-burning stoves with clean, essential lines and a traditional wood-burning stove with a design inspired by classic shapes.

Among our proposals you can choose between steel and Majolica stoves. There are many design solutions in the special majolica cladding: tiles, diamond shapes and engravings are aesthetic decorations that give greater charm to our wood-burning stoves.

For some models in the range, there is a wood holder on the lower compartment of the stove: a convenient solution for having a small supply close at hand and an aesthetic addition for giving the stove a more traditional touch.


Wood stoves with oven


A wood stove for cooking and heating, to rediscover the flavors of wood cooking and home cooking.  Superior aims at offering the best wood stoves with oven: the heat of the wood fire is also used to cook plenty of dishes in the oven on the upper part of the stove.

This special category features all structural and functional advantages of Superior wood stoves. A wood stove with a cast iron oven is synonymous with solidity, safety and quality, the steel or Majolica claddings, with modern lines or with aesthetic decorations, allow you to choose, also in this range, between a modern wood stove and a vintage wood stove.


Buy a wood stove: Our dealers


If you are already convinced of buying a wood stove or are looking for more information to resolve your doubts, you can go to specialized wood stove shops.

Our dealers will be able to answer all your questions and guide you to the right choice.

catalogo superior
Products Catalogue

Thanks to our detailed catalogue, you will be guided through the technical specifications and unique features of each model.

You will learn about the different fuel options, heating performance, safety features, and much more.

Every detail is designed to help you make the most informed decision and ensure a lasting choice.