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Pellet Stoves

Superior air pellet stoves are easy to use, guarantee long-lasting burn time, maximum cleanliness and safety.

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Ventilated Pellet Stoves

The best heat distribution available in the Superior range. Forced ventilation stoves distribute heat throughout the room very quickly and in a more efficient way.

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Ducted Pellet Stoves

The Superior range also includes ductable pellet stoves, this makes pellet stoves real heating systems for your home.

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Hydro Pellet Stoves

Superior also offers hydro pellet stoves: solutions for heating the whole house, also integrating with traditional, underfloor or solar heating systems.

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Technical details

Pellet stoves for every need

Superior pellet stoves are easy to use, guarantee long-lasting burn time, maximum cleanliness and safety.  High efficiency ratings are guaranteed by our technological heart: firebox in steel, brazier and front grill in cast iron. 

The efficiency of these stoves is also due to pellet: an environment-friendly fuel with a greater heating capacity than wood, very high efficiency and whose minimal residual ash can be used as fertilizer for the garden.  Technology and sustainability are combined in Superior products to be among the best pellet stoves available on the market.


The comfort of a forced ventilation pellet stove


All our pellet stoves are equipped with a tangential fan which forces air convective motions and distributes heat throughout the room.  Having a forced ventilation pellet stove is a great advantage because it allows you to fill your home with a pleasant warmth in a short time. 

Forced ventilation requires little effort from you: with the optional remote control you can set the room temperature and the pellet stove will adjust its power.


Hydro pellet stove for sanitary water


A hydro pellet stove, or pellet boiler stove, can be connected to the traditional heating system, to an underfloor heating system, be integrated with a solar heating system and produce domestic hot water. 

A pellet stove for radiators uses steel exchangers which guarantee optimal heat transmission to water in the thermo-hydraulic circuit.

Furthermore, hydro pellet stoves have the same characteristics as classic pellet stoves: sturdiness, efficiency and standard ventilation.  The rotary cleaner system and the conveyor facilitate the cleaning procedures of the stove.


The convenience of ducted pellet stoves


The Superior range also includes ductable pellet stoves, to make pellet stoves real heating systems for your home.  

Ducted pellet stoves direct hot air towards the rooms adjacent to the room where the stove is located, guaranteeing the same heat comfort as the installation environment.  Through the insulated ducts and the vents installed on the wall, you can have a ducted pellet stove with multiple outlets.


Design and heat output of pellet stoves


Superior pellet stoves can satisfy different design and heating needs. On an aesthetic level, we offer modern pellet stoves, in circular or square versions, with with curved corners and slim footprints.

Part of the range, you can also choose a real design-style pellet stove thanks to the design door: a second outer door covering the cast iron one, that gives continuity to the profile of the stove. By considering various sizes, you can choose a small pellet stove and if space is a decisive criterion in your choice, a slim pellet stove may be ideal for you.  These are space-saving pellet stoves which, thanks to a depth of just 30 cm, can also fit into the smallest rooms. 

With regard to the heat output of the stoves, we offer a great variety of options.  Starting from a minimum output of 6 kW, we offer a wide choice of 8 kW pellet stoves and even models with an output higher than 10 kW, for a maximum reachable output of 11.2 kW.


Pellet stove dealers


If you are already convinced of buying a pellet stove or are looking for more information to resolve your doubts, you can go to specialized pellet stove dealers.

Our dealers will be able to answer all your questions and guide you to the right choice.