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Pellet Inserts

Perfect for those who want to have a pellet fireplace, our inserts are suitable for both first installations and for installation in existing fireplaces.  In line with the green soul of Superior, our pellet inserts are compliant with Ecodesign 2022 and an excellent solution for sustainable heating.

Technical details
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Pellet inserts for fireplaces: Features and sizes

Each pellet insert for existing fireplace is equipped with sliding tracks that allow easy extraction, simple maintenance operations and easy pellet loading. Furthermore, the sensor in the hopper allows you to always have the available fuel under control. Thanks to our technology, you can have a modern pellet fireplace.

In particular, there are two functional advantages: the digital display on the wall to control your pellet fireplace, signaling when the pellet in the hopper is at the minimum level, and the chronothermostat to program switching on and off. Depending on your needs, pellet fireplaces have different heat output options, from 7 to 11 kW, all equipped with forced ventilation, with a variable heating capacity between 120 and 315 m3.

Furthermore, by choosing from a wide range of accessories, you will have the possibility of increasing the operating autonomy of your insert which can consume from a minimum of 0.8 to a maximum of 2.6 kg of pellets per hour. In the three proposals in the catalog, you can choose between a small pellet fireplace insert (68 cm wide, 49 cm high and deep) and larger inserts (78 cm wide, 55 cm deep and 58/68 cm high).


Built-in pellet fireplace for modern or rustic settings


The ease of installation of pellet inserts makes them suitable for any home. The cast iron door is aesthetically suitable for both rustic pellet fireplaces and modern pellet fireplaces.

In fact, whether the background is a marble or Majolica surround, exposed brick or stone or simply a monochromatic wall, our inserts will blend into your room and give you a unique atmosphere with its flame.


Hydro pellet fireplace insert for hot water and DHW


A solution for producing hot water for traditional or underfloor heating systems, for producing domestic hot water and with the possibility of integrating with solar heating systems.

This special pellet fireplace insert includes a conveyor that optimizes combustion and reduces ash residues by up to 50%. Among its features are a high-efficiency circulator, Eco, Energy Saving and Antifreeze functions. As in the classic pellet inserts, ventilation is standard and the sliding tracks offer the same advantages.

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Products Catalogue

Thanks to our detailed catalogue, you will be guided through the technical specifications and unique features of each model.

You will learn about the different fuel options, heating performance, safety features, and much more.

Every detail is designed to help you make the most informed decision and ensure a lasting choice.