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Pellet Boilers

If you are thinking about a new boiler, pellet heating is a solution to consider.  Superior pellet boilers stand out for their high efficiency and easy installation. Compliant with Ecodesign 2022, our energy class A+ boilers can be installed in any type of system.

Technical details
CPS 20 Superior

CPS 20

CPS 26 Superior

CPS 26

CPS 26 Superior


Superior CPS 32

CPS 32

Superior CPS 32


Pellet boiler for radiators and domestic hot water storage

What can you achieve with a pellet boiler?  This type of boiler produces hot water both for the traditional heating system and for the underfloor heating system.  Furthermore, in the versions with integrated DHW, it is possible to produce domestic hot water.

If you already have a photovoltaic system and are thinking about a complementary heating system, a pellet boiler is an excellent solution for continuing along the path of clean energy. 

In fact, pellet heating can be integrated without problems with solar thermal.  Finally, pellet boilers can be connected to the room thermostat of the home heating system: practicality and flexibility make pellet boilers ideal for radiators.

We have added cutting-edge technology to sustainability: the steel structure makes pellet boilers completely insulated, the homogeneity of the materials avoids galvanic corrosion, the conveyor reduces the volume of unburned residues.  All these features ensure high efficiency and performance.


Heat output and capacity of a pellet boiler


A new boiler must meet some primary requirements for correct heating.  Our boilers have a maximum heat output ranging from 19.6 to 32 kW and have very large hoppers that can contain from 58 to 72 kg of pellets.

Each Superior pellet boiler is 140 cm high and 64 cm deep. The width, depending on the model, can be 56 cm or 70 cm.


Boiler replacement: why choose pellets


By choosing pellets you will have an environmentally friendly biomass boiler.  This type of heating offers numerous advantages not only for greater sustainability, but also for your comfort at home.

In fact, thanks to the Wi-Fi module, you can manage your pellet boiler even remotely. Comfort also means ease of use and with Superior stoves you will be able to enjoy the exclusive patented rotary cleaner system: by operating a simple knob you will have zero worries.

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Products Catalogue

Thanks to our detailed catalogue, you will be guided through the technical specifications and unique features of each model.

You will learn about the different fuel options, heating performance, safety features, and much more.

Every detail is designed to help you make the most informed decision and ensure a lasting choice.